AcuGraph is a computerized tool (Digital Meridian Imaging system) used to analyze and document the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians. It helps us to pinpoint specific issues, choose the most effective treatments, document progress, and demonstrate the power of acupuncture with objective proof. It is an evolution in acupuncture.

AcuGraph’s evidence-based approach to acupuncture is a categorical improvement in acupuncture care. Evidence-based care means you have real-time insight into meridian energetics and to make better treatment decisions for improved patient outcomes.Objective evidence shows your patient exactly what’s wrong, demonstrates how you’re improving it and provides proof of results.

AcuGraph gathers its information in a simple, two-minute exam, with measurement points located on the hands and feet for speed and convenience.Photographic illustrations show the points while computer voice prompts automatically guide you through the exam and ensure proper timing of each measurement.Upon exam completion, provides the most accurate exam verification and interpretation available. You can trust AcuGraph to give you the right information, every time.