Lecture & Workshops

The adage Health is wealth is more true in the present times than any other period. Modern world can ill-afford the time loss and lack of efficiency resulting from myriad health problems affecting common man.

The holistic science of Acupuncture followed in the east for over 5000 years has an answer for a wide spectrum of health problems.

In our lectures the Acupuncture therapy is modified as an Acupressure therapy, so that it can be effectively used by the people themselves without the necessity of recurrent visits to a medical practitioner.

  • It is an effective alternative medicine, a time tested method that has an answer for a wide spectrum of diseases, from minor to major.
  • It can be easily understood. A few explanatory lectures will enable a person to use it for different health problems.
  • It is most economical. It does not involve intake or use of any medication, except for the knowledge of right pressure point in the body.
  • It has no side effects. The therapy can be followed along with other medical disciplines like Allopathy, Homeopathy etc. The dosage of medicine can be decreased as Acupressure takes effect.

It is least time consuming or strenuous. It can be practiced at home, office or even while traveling.

  1. The scientific basis behind the therapy.
  2. The fourteen energy meridians in our body and their routes.
  3. The Acupressure points and how to locate them in the body.
    • The therapeutic uses of various important Acupressure points like:-
    • The Alarm points in the body that indicates problem areas.
    • The functional use of Influential points for treating different health problems.
    • The specific effect points like Analgesic, Tonification, Homeostasis, Immune enhancing, Tranquilizing and Emergency points are explained.
    • Location of the Relevant points for specific disorders like Respiration, Cardiac, Gastrointestinal, Liver, Loco motor, Ear, Eye, Skin, Psychiatric disorders and the prevalent ones like High blood pressure, Diabetics will be dealt with.

Duration TWO hour period.

Remuneration - INR 5000/- + Travel expenses

  • The participants will be given rounding in use of principal trigger points for everyday use like headaches, blood pressure, stomach upsets, spondylosis etc.
  • No. of persons per seminar: 20 to 30 participants
  • The workshops have to be arranged separately for meridian points , Auricular points,SuJok (Korean) therapy.

Remuneration - INR 1000/- participant

CLINICAL WORKSHOP (Acupuncture Treatments)

These Acu points work in a subtle plane and because of this, even many of the problems which normally do not respond satisfactorily to Allopathic medical treatment, respond well to Acu points. Also this treatment does not have any side effects. Moreover it can also used complimentary with other lines of treatment.

  • Actual treatment of selected cases.
  • Duration : 7 days per batch
  • No. of persons per batch : 10 to 20 (for 7 day treatment)

Remuneration - INR 1500/ participant.